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Local Experts Backed By National Brands

SolBest is an authorized dealer for both the National Company Sunpower and the Florida based company Urban Solar.

Who We Are

At SolBest Solar, we believe that clean energy should be accessible to everyone. Now offering greater affordability and ease than ever before, transitioning to solar has never been easier to do than right now. SolBest understands the importance of timely execution, maintaining integrity, and upholding the highest standards of quality within the industry. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we ensure a seamless and efficient move to solar, as it should be.

Why SolBest Solar?

Our in-house team handles everything from consulting to design, installation, and post-sales service. We install the most efficient and reliable solar equipment backed by a 25-year leading industry warranty. With a personable approach and longstanding reputation for energy efficiency, we provide our customers with educated and tailored options to meet their specific needs.


Systems Installed

60 days

Speed to Roof
*based upon local permitting

We Make Going Solar Simple and Fast

Where simplicity meets sustainability. Experience the ease of going solar and start enjoying the benefits of clean, renewable energy today!


Our free consultation will go over your energy needs and goals, providing personalized recommendations tailored to your unique situation.


Your proposal will be crafted and custom-designed specifically for your residence. We consider your energy requirements, roof layout, and aesthetic preferences to ensure the perfect solar solution for you. 


Our experienced team will handle the permitting process from start to finish, offering convenience while saving you time.


Once your solar panels are installed, savings are immediate! You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of solar energy right away with no delays or waiting periods. 

We Meet Higher Solar Standards

We provide the highest standards of quality, backed by an industry leader with a local customer care. From our design consultants and engineers, to installers and electricians.

High Quality Products

High Quality Products

  All products are manufactured in America with premium-grade materials from reputable suppliers.
  Highest rated equipment on the market designed to perform in any condition.
  Innovative processes and technology offering greater energy output.

Complete System Warranty

Complete System Warranty

  We are the only provider whose products surpass the lifespan of our 25-year warranty.
 Any concerns or issues are resolved with
a single call
  Our products are fully insured against
weather-related incidents offering you
peace of mind.

Licensed & Insured

Licensed & Insured

  Customers can have peace of mind knowing that our company is legally authorized and financially protected.
  We adhere to local, state, and federal regulations related to the solar industry.


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